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The Solanaceae Artist Collective is a group of arthouse indie musicians from Winnipeg, Canada. We create music in a variety of genres.

We are dark, pretentious and drug addled.

All of our music can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and all of those places. We can be found on Soulseek under the username ".:SolanaceaeCollective" I try to be online as often as I can. Of course, we give you permission to share our work wherever you please.

You will not be hearing what you are used to hearing, but don't worry we try not to be too difficult to your mainstream sensibilities. You will have to understand that you are about to experience something you never thought possible. You will not have realized music can do that. Don't worry, we're not weird, we're never weird, we don't make any weird stupid noises.

Music is now reaching the point of total refinement. We no longer make any weird stupid noises. Pop music, though most of it falls under the sheen of unartful mediocrity, is most certainly refined. More importantly, underground art house music has discovered, broken, repaired and refined every element of sound. It is now ready to be brought to the attention of the general public and that is what we are here to do. We are here to take the advancements of the underground and make them palatable to the masses.

We don't want a record label, we don't need a record label, fuck your record labels. Take God's art and filter it through the sheen of unartful mediocrity to make it more palatable to the idiotic masses and then rape and rape your beautiful artists so you may hoard and hoard while your artists starve. We envision a future where success is based on artistic talent and not marketing. We envision a future where art is always free. Our music will always be free.

No you may not play our music on the radio, no you may not review our work on your website or magazine, no you may not give us any awards or accolades, no we do not sell merchandise. We do not despise these four things as we despise mainstream record labels but they are not for us.

You may learn all about what we consider good music to be at Bright Neon Lights. Our written words of fiction can be found at Ethereal Pages. Our cute little indie role playing video games can be found at Telephasic Workshop.

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May 22nd, 2024 .: Bandcamp
I decided what the hell we'll just put the whole damn Solanaceae Collective on Bandcamp as well. In order to avoid any fuss when we attempt to get our solo dicking around in other genres music on compilations from other labels the music under our pseudonyms is still officially not on any label. This music is still under The Solanaceae Artist Collective as an artist collective but not as a label. And if any of the other labels we release on has a problem with that they can fly directly up their own ass.

March 21st, 2024 .: New Offret Compilation
I had a dream last night about making an Offret compilation of the best of my older work and I figured if unconscious me wants it done I guess it's getting done. "The Offret Compilation." Unfortunately the music I made in my dream does not actually exist, "my" dream music is always the most beautiful music I've ever heard. Oh and the fact that the album art is a vague glimpse of the horizon and there is a track entitled "A Vague Glimpse of Horizon" happened independently of eachother but I probably don't need to point these things out anymore you can just assume. Also I named the track "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Dying in Space" before I made it and realized it sounds a whole lot like dying in space. You will see that I kinda reused a certain sound from this in The Dry Path as the plan was I would not be making this music full public.

March 20th, 2024 .: New Future Project Conceived
You know what? I think I'll just keep thinking up new projects and never stop. I cannot be stopped. I was all "I hope we find a dark passionate country side act that I can make post-rock I hope we find a dark passionate country side act that I can make post-rock." Then I'm all "Oh, right, I know how I can make that project happen." "Drunk and Dead in the Grass."

February 13th, 2024 .: New Offret Album
The sixth Offret album is up. "They're Harvesting our Organs LP." I am a very scary person. And no I did not murder a dog and record it those sounds came out of various synthesizer plugins. "Oh, oops, we're sounding like a dying dog again, I guess these last two tracks sound like a dying dog."

February 4th, 2024 .: New Offret Album
The fifth Offret album is up. "Mystery is a Fiction Genre Where the Nature of an Event Remains Mysterious Until the End of the Story LP." You may like this one better than previous Offret albums if you are frightened of things that are frightening.

January 31st, 2024 .: New .//phenethylamine Album
I am a big fat liar, I ended up making another .//phenethylamine album. "We Believe in Nothing, Lebowski. Nothing. LP." I'm breaking my structure a little, while at the same time subtly incorporating a bit of a more traditional psytrance structure. One notch more dramatic than "We Can't Stop Here, This is Bat Country! LP" Obviously I needed to do this one before I stepped my refinement up a level, I need to learn.

January 27th, 2024 .: New Future Project Conceived
Okay one more God damned new project then maybe I can be done. I've been toying with this one for well over a decade but I wasn't sure I was going to do it. Obviously I was going to do it. I mean I'm doing it. The fact that I am willing to do this project makes my level of pretentious that much more dangerous as now it is travelling through time and invading 90s nu metal. "Opposition to the Mainstream Consensus."

January 24th, 2024 .: New Offret Album
The fourth Offret album is up. "If it's All Over, Just Leave Already LP." I have two more left in me then I'll be taking a break from Offret for a bit. You may be thinking "Slow down spaz, don't turn into one of those ambient artists who releases the same album 50 times." I assure you I won't be doing that, I'm going somewhere with this, I have a unique idea for all of these albums.

January 22nd, 2024 .: New Offret Album
The third Offret album is up. "Offret III LP." Do not start with this one or at first it may seem like some things that were intentional were not intentional, but by the end you will see they were intentional. Well now you're going to see it anyway but if we were in the parallel dimension where I hadn't said that, that is what would happen. Did that sound belittling enough? That was meant to belittle the concept of parallel dimensions. For whatever reason YouTube isn't giving me the neat little album display so for now you're getting the messy individual tracks and you're going to have to keep clicking from the main page, we'll see if we can fix this later.

January 16th, 2024 .: New Future Project Conceived
A new project came to me like a diamond bullet right through my forehead. "Elijah's Fire." I added it to "Our Projects" so check it out, it's going to be neat. On that note I also explained a little about the end of O Beautiful Death in "Our Projects." I promise I'll stop thinking up projects now, or at least I promise I'll try to stop, I'm really starting to push it.

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