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Old Announcements
December 26th, 2023 .: First .//phenethylamine Album
Here's the first .//phenethylamine album. "Sometimes I'd Feel Very Old, Like My Whole Life is Over, Like I'm Not Around no More. LP." This one is rather minimal in order to establish sound and structure, I will be going to more dramatic and involved places with the next album but I will basically be maintaining the same structure for one more album. The Discogs and links are not currently active as I must wait for it to be on iTunes before I'm permitted to add a Discogs release and I'm OCD so Discogs and have to be done at exactly the same time.

December 22nd, 2023 .: We Are Up and Running
Okay well I am up and running. I'm still waiting on our three other main attractions and I am not going to contact my old friend the side act until I have all four of us up. Also one of our other main attractions has collected a couple other side acts. For now the only albums up are a The Dry Path album, a The Dry Path compilation of the best of my older work and one Offret album, but don't worry we work pretty fast we'll be churning out stuff pretty fast. You may be thinking we're not so hot right now but don't worry we keep refining and refining and we never stop. We will one day be looking back on these early albums with pure hatred. They're great albums but they're piles of garbage. It's okay though we're good. I hope you enjoy us.

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