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Main Attraction: Kit Carruthers

My name is Kit and I have a drug problem. I'm all dark and passionate. And the thing I'm highest on is myself. And I'm hipster. And I hate everything that's dumb! Leave me the hell alone. I am a 36 year old artist and philosopher with a messiah complex. I am the founder of The Solanaceae Artist Collective and the one mostly responsible for our dark and mysterious image. I hate society and everything that it does, but in this particular project I will be focusing on my hatred of the music industry. I love my dark, bleak, gritty, cold Winnipeg and I plan on making it as pretty as I can. Though I have a very beautiful voice, I will never be singing. Though I am a very aesthetically appealing pretty boy, I will never be on stage.
11:11 wants you to go to Winnipeg.
This whole "Never singing, never on stage" thing allows me to present an image of the person singing is the star of this project but everybody knows I'm the genius here sitting quietly in the background I don't need to show anybody my genius I don't need to tell anybody I am a genius it is clearly self evident I don't even care if anybody knows I'm the genius look at me look at me.

When people ask me what kind of music I listen to I say "Alternative, experimental and psychedelic." My favourites are Ambient/Sound Art, Post-Rock, Psychedelia, IDM, Neoclassical, Shoegaze, Post-Hardcore and "Post-Metal." Though of course I listen to all forms of music. I pretty much know all the musics, particularly the alternative musics, I don't think you could surprise me at this point. I respect all of the genres but I do not respect all of the sub-genres. I have no tolerance for modern popular country, 80s hair metal and 90s bubblegum pop. I can "get" anything but the only way for me to "get" modern popular country is to pretend I am in the mind of a very boring person. I understand the brilliance of improvisational jazz but it is not entirely for me, I prefer carefully crafted structure.

My top ten favourite bands and artists are... Boards of Canada, Tim Hecker, Steve Reich, Sonic Youth, Bardo Pond, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Autechre, 65daysofstatic, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine.

And although they are only sixteenth on my absurdly long list I need to mention I love The Doors very much. My aesthetic is very The Doors and I feel I must bring this to your attention because it is a very important part of my carefully crafted image and it is very important to me that you all have a full understanding of my image. Oh and the fact that the only thing I care about is image is also very important to my image.

I traffic in bleak, melancholy, pretty music. I am mostly inspired by the dark and the psychedelic. My sounds slice, sparkle and decay. I enjoy adding classical instruments and distortion to figuratively every little thing. Figuratively. Though we are all very pretentious, my music is the most pretentious and least palatable of all of us I win, I win my imaginary who's the most pretentious contest I win.

I play the synthesizer and the piano.